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Elementary, my Dear Watson!



I’ve been a little unplugged the past few weeks.  By unplugged I mean NO INTERNET SERVICE.  I was simply informed that ‘they’ updated the towers near my house to give me faster service.  Guess what- I have no service now.  This has created some annoyance but I have dealt with it, mainly because I don’t have a ladder tall enough to fix it myself.  This free time has allowed me to write and follow up with some new story ideas and plot twists.  I have even shuffled through some of my kindle books downloaded forever and day ago and made some headway with actual reading.  Yes, it is amazing what you can do when you take an element of your life, like the internet, away.  Which brings me to my next thought, as I meandered through my downloaded books I came across The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  I have seen the old PBS remakes when I was little, I even remember at some point in my childhood getting to watch an old Sherlock Homes movie in class.  I am also a fan of the new remakes starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.  Therefore, I thought I would give it a whirl!  Keeping in mind that Sir Conan Doyle started writing the Sherlock Holmes stories in 1887, I knew there would be words I didn’t understand and all I could hope that it would not bore me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I am actually thoroughly enjoying every page.  I can see now why Doyle was such a popular writer.  I caught myself laughing aloud last night- yes, I LOL’d at a 127 year old book.  If you haven’t checked out the stories on Sherlock Holmes I would suggest giving it a try, it really is Elementary, my Dear Watson.

Happy Blogging and Reading!!  

Submerged in my Idea Notebook



I take many notes when I am writing.  Some of my ideas that I scribble down make the cut in the final project, some don’t.  Inspirations come at different times of the day and night, I jot them down in no particular order that turns into a jumbled mess of thoughts.  I wish I could keep them in a neat organized notebook but alas, my self-diagnosed ADD fights me on this 🙂 .  When a writing project is going very well, the images and ideas play in my head like a movie and if I do not get concepts at least on paper, I feel I lose valuable ideas and formation of plot lines.

Yes, I submerge myself in my own notes.    

This practice use to bother me, having all these partial ideas and snips of paragraphs of my story in a small bundle of my idea notebook, but this is my creative process and it seems to work better for me than whatever I was doing before.  Once the ideas are down and out of my head I can start to formulate an outline.  Simple really.  I think the idea of writing scares many people because they believe in order to write they need to sit down and type out a book in completeness from the beginning to The End with ease.  It doesn’t happen that way unless you are Hemingway, which by the way would type at his old fashioned typewriter while standing!

These ideas I write down are beneficial when I am on chapter five and I realize the plot has a hole in it and need to rewrite, move, or scrap a whole chapter- it happens…  Holes do happen, especially the longer the writing project and you won’t get lost in the ‘no idea abyss’ if you have taken time to write down your ideas at the beginning of your project when it’s new in your mind.  That is when the scribbled notes come in handy!  Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas!  The more I write down at the beginning of my story in my idea notebook the easier it flows later when I’m having a ‘no idea’ day (AND those days do happen).   

So if you are having hesitations about writing or blogging grab a trusty pen & notebook, and write, write, write.  I promise ideas will come to you that you will want to write about and it will be a great resource on those days that you don’t have any ideas to write about. 

So get submerged in your own Idea Notebook!

Happy Writing!! 

Take your Stats and Shove it


I found this blog post from The Daily Post and felt like it was written just for me.  I have found myself repeatedly checking my stats and getting addicted to watching my numbers rise.  Let us be honest, it is a huge ego boost to get likes and followers.

So what’s a blogger to do?  If you are writing about things that interest you, writing quality content, and you are enjoying yourself~~ that is what is truly important.  Not the amount of traffic, followers, or the number of likes.

I am going to diet, detox, and abstain from checking my stats.

How about you?  Are you going to take your Stats and Shove it?

Quick Tip: Ignore Your Stats.

All that glitters is not EASY


I received a new computer from my wonderful husband for Christmas.  At first when I unwrapped the box I was so excited to get a new laptop after seven years of babying my old one I could hardly contain my excitement.  I think I squealed like a little girl- okay, I am pretty sure I did.  I have to say, now that I have this new fancy laptop, I thought I would be spitting out prose like a Shakespearian Elite.  Not the case- who could have guessed.

Many new toys on this new laptop, this Windows 8 thing is still touch and go for now.  My screen drives me insane when it magically switches from screen to screen and makes me lose track of what I was doing.  I know I just need to watch all the tutorials on it but who has time for that when you’re trying to figure it out on your own 🙂 .  It just doesn’t have the same familiarity as the old laptop.  The buttons are larger, which to someone who writes a lot- that is a bigger deal than one would think.  I’m getting used to it, and thankful that my husband surprised me, my old one was trying to fizzle out.  He came home back in November and found me in tears with a screwy computer screen.  I thought I had lost all my work.  Yes, I save my work daily but I hadn’t saved it yet that day.  He fixed it after hours of taking it apart and putting it back together.  He loves me like that.  And he doesn’t like tears…

The new one is much faster than my old computer and I can actually download pictures to this one without it freezing up, which is a HUGE plus.  I have my current novels transferred to this new gift and I have typed a few thousand words since Christmas but not over the 2,500 words a day, I was firing out.  I am hoping the newness wears off and I can get back in the grove of things and finish my writing projects.

Although, maybe I haven’t been able to write because my kids have been out of school and under my feet since before Christmas and with the current snow storm- eh Polar Vortex, they may not be going back anytime soon.  Day three of Snow Days and I still haven’t typed a word with my pending projects.

Do I blame the kiddos, new computer, procrastination, or being too frozen from the Polar Vortex to type?