Monthly Archives: May 2015

Day One of Organizing


Dear Diary,

My Organizational Skills Suck.

As I sit here and try to contemplate where to begin when organizing my bathroom I’m already feeling overwhelmed. I haven’t even began yet and I feel overwhelmed. My bathroom is not a disaster but it could be better organized. I have watched several FlyLady videos on YouTube and she has some great tips on getting started organizing your home and decluttering the mess without making you feel guilty that you’re not a perfect mom in the Leave It to Beaver sense. I will also share any tips I find that work well!!

I plan to keep you updated on how this journey goes. I hope my family is ready for an organizational lifestyle change!

God Sees Your Problems From His Throne


Sunday night our church had the little ones put on a lively Southern Gospel singing event and they did a fantastic job. The song is called Falling and after much research by a church friend who found it on YouTube! Although, you haven’t really heard it until you hear girls around the age of 7 or so sing this praise song. One of the songs had a line about problems in life that I thought I would share, this is out of context but the gist is: You are looking at it through earthly eyes and God sees it from His throne. Doesn’t that put our big problems in perspective and help us see that nothing is to big for God… Remember you are not alone, open your bible and get to know the one that spoke you into motion.
Hope you have a blessed day!!
Who can you be a blessing to today?