Your Dog and Peanut Butter!



I never considered myself a dog person, but within the last year our oldest son adopted a Labrador Retriever. I have found myself buying dog treats and other items to keep at my home for Max when he visits. If you know me, this would probably shock you since I have spent my entire life being afraid of dogs of all sizes!  However, with Max, I find my self buying him things! Max.1

Kong Dog Toy

I was at my son’s house this week when he filled the Kong Classic Dog Toy with peanut butter and let Max have at it! Max was excited and it kept him busy a good 20 minutes or more. Even when the peanut butter was gone, he still would not leave the toy alone and carried it everywhere.

Watching Max get excited about this toy made me go to Amazon to check out all the other toys for this dog that are available– Which there are TONS OF!

KONG Classic Dog Toy has different sizes of this treat toy for different size dogs.  If you haven’t got one for your dog yet, you may want to add it to your cart!




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