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Game Day Food and Wrongful Cheering?



I jut learned that Alton Brown of the Food Network has a YouTube Channel! Why would I get excited about this you ask? Because he is awesome! He has posted a video of Game Day Foods and with the season of the covered Pig Skin upon us I thought I would pass on my new found YouTube Channel to you!

I have to be honest,I am not one of those football moms that understands the game. In fact I only know to cheer if my son catches the ball, our team makes a touchdown, or takes down the opposing team ball carrier. If I was going to be completely honest, I mostly follow the lead when the our team cheers and I cheer right along! I may not understand what just happened but if the other moms are hollering, I holler too! (Unlike baseball- I GET BASEBALL!) Now, you may be thinking that I am a newbie to the game. NOT THE CASE! I wish I could use that as an excuse. I even have the book Football For Dummies ;( What is beneath a dummy because I would fall into that with the game of football.
Dereck 14

HOWEVER, I can cook. SO~~ I may cheer at the wrong times and when the other team runs a very long distance I do want to cheer for their accomplishment. You know, give credit where credit is due. I may possibly get dirty looks for this~~ I don’t care. I know that when I make a great dinner, or a great after the game snack, I win. My football follies are forgotten! Alton Brown just helped a little more with this. My football playbook has game day recipes in it!

My son has come a long way since his early days of playing football. Here is a picture from 7th grade.
Aug 3,2011 Gulf Shores 438

A game day picture from last weeks game. He is the one on the end closest to us and ready for a play! He may be a Receiver or possibly a Corner? Not sure what is going on here! What matters is I cheered and cooked after the game. It is how I roll.