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Flip_Flop_Traveler now on Instagram


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Today I created an Instagram page called flip_flop_traveler of vacations pictures. It is an idea I have been tossing around for awhile and I love my personal family Instagram page so I thought I would make a public one and just post random vacation pictures. For my steady followers you know I am a huge fan of traveling in general, from local destinations, to state parks like Yellowstone and Estes Park, all things Mexico, Bahamas (Not so much a fan of the cruise we took), Savannah, Wyoming, Kentucky, Tennessee, Fort Morgan, Chicago, St. Louis, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin Dells and too many more to mention. This is where my Instagram comes in at! We have been blessed to have been able to visit some spectacular places and I wanted another venue to share some of my favorite pictures on. If you want to follow me you can go to your Instagram account and search flip_flop_traveler, my profile picture is me sitting on a huge rock somewhere in Colorado.

We have always traveled with our children so if you have any questions about traveling with your kids to any of these places, please ask.

This picture below is my oldest son fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.
My beautiful picture
If you have tips on anything Instragram please share them 🙂