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Teenager negatives…


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My husband and I have two teenage boys, one ready to graduate and the other is ready for his drivers permit- God help us…  Reflecting back I have learned many things over the years with having only boys in the house.  For one, they really can eat their weight in food and never gain a pound.  Two, we should have invested in a milking cow years ago with all the gallons of milk we have bought.  Three, when your teenage son decides to confide some secret that has been bothering them for a while your heart just melts and you want to fix whatever is bothering them.  Four, if you cannot find the funky smell that you smell every time you walk into the house it is probably originating from their bedroom.  Five, when you tell a four year old that the iron is hot and they IMMEDIATELY decide to find out if you are lying and touch it within seconds of your warning- you quickly realize how important common sense is and also realize you have overlooked ‘common sense’ when you were praying to God for wonderful godly, healthy children.  That same child has eaten not one, BUT two wasps, and licked a door handle at a Home and Garden show in St. Louis (which was being used by thousands of people!) yet that child makes the high honor roll time and time again, you realize there is a huge difference between Common Sense and Book Smarts and you really should be praying for both!

This may sound snarky but it really is all in good fun, our boys have been a huge blessing and I wouldn’t trade the last eighteen years for anything in the world.  Well, I would change the time our oldest son hit a telephone pole- in our driveway- with his car he just got- dead center and smashed the hood.  I would definitely change that day.  No, they were not hurt but it scared us.

Our Children have made us laugh, cry, cringe, yell, and pray.  I can’t imagine life without them and I truly thank God for them every day.

No joke- I just had to ask my husband and our youngest son to stop throwing a baseball in my living room!  **sigh**