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Captain America?


My son recently had his senior pictures taken and after I posted them my cousin placed this side by side picture of Captain America and my son on my Facebook. I never noticed it until now but he does resemble it a little ūüôā It has amused me so much I thought I would share! Chris Evans may not agree! I told my cousin she may have blown my son’s cover!haha

My Son the Super Hero ūüôā

Unicorn Tape Dispenser?!! YES, PLEASE!


Unicorn TapeAs a girl I had a few things unicorn and the older I have gotten I have realized they still mesmerize me!



Start Seeing Bikes!


We have ridden bikes for over two decades now. I know that gives my age as OLD but at this stage of the game, age is just a number.¬†¬†We are NOT¬†full blown Harley riders, we are NOT¬†novice Harley riders. What we¬†ARE ~ AWARE Bike Riders.¬†We try to be aware of what is around us and what could be dangerous but no one is perfect. Please start seeing bikes. Give them respect. Not all bike riders act safe when driving but the majority do and it is a tight community.¬†¬†Did you know that Bikers wave at one another when they are driving down the highway and roads?¬†If you don’t ride a bike you may not know this universal wave happens all over the country between bikers that do not know one another. Even the burliest, toughest guys wave at other¬†bikers.¬† If you didn’t know that,¬†now you can watch for the¬†friendly wave between riders.

So, I will ask one more time~~ Please, start seeing bikes and give them room. Be AWARE DRIVERS and we will be AWARE RIDERS.


Sales Rank Update for Trellis



This morning at Midnight my new book that I have been working on for a very long time ~ Went Live! For those of you that don’t know, Amazon let’s you track the page reads of each book that is bought. When I woke up this morning and refreshed the page I was happily surprised when I saw since midnight my book started to sell and the page reads were in the several hundreds! I am going to try hard to not refreshing my sales rank page today but as you can see Amazon has already placed it in several categories and the paid rank is steadily climbing! This writer is humbled and thankful this Thanksgiving Season to have so many people willing to take a chance on a Crazy Science Fiction Story I have placed so much time and effort in producing! There are lots of plot points and curve balls in this story and it took a very long tome to map them all out. Again Thank you!!