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MC900441766-1As 2014 came to a close, and New Year Resolutions were in the forefront of my thoughts, I decided to take a look at what things made me unhappy in 2014 and modify as many of those things as I could. Of course, that would require me to quit my job, hire a maid, hire a chef, and buy a beach house in Key West. A bit unrealistic. Then I decided to take a stab at something else we all do every single day, several times a day, and probably have for years. I would even go as far to bet that you probably have had the same unhappiness as I have with this thing we all do- that is if you own a cell phone or send emails!

The use of LOL, HAHA, BAHAHA, even SMH, or IMO/IMHO and whatever else you may use to show amusement or to express an emotion in a text message. I have felt my LOLs have been empty lately. Like I was faking my Laugh Out Loud- LOL acronym. Once I identified my dissatisfaction in my level of Emotion, I formed a plan to change things in 2015. Prepare to be Emotional or Not so Emotional—it’s up to you!

I even contemplated leaving them out of my text messages. The only problems with that concept, I am NOT a robot and I still want to show emotion!  I am willing to go out on a limb and assume you aren’t a robot either…maybe…eh,hem, anyway, moving on…

I propose that at the end of our LOLs, Haha, Hehehe, SMH, or IMO we use a rate system. Let us all unite and start assigning A LEVEL OF AMUSEMENT or LEVEL OF EMOTION #number after our chosen acronym, perhaps a 0-10 rating system.  The amusement park Six Flags utilizes a rate system– 6 Flags of fun.  Even when you call and take a survey on the back of a Taco Bell receipt you are asked to rate your level of satisfaction.

—I am imploring you as the Texting Public—you teenagers, parents, friends, coworkers, spouses, even you grandparents– We The Texting People Can Bring the LOLs of the past in to 2015 with A BANG! A SWIPE!  DARE I SAY A VOICE COMMAND! Let’s rate our emotions!!YAY10

Take the Acronym that you are going to use.  I am sure there are ones out there that I have not mentioned and some I choose not to use in this article.  It will work with all of them.
Rate Example LOL 0-10 0 being a low grade of emotion and 10 being a high grade.

Dude’s text: I’m running late. I can’t find my shoes!
Bubba’s text: Plz wear shoes! Ur feet stink Dude!lol1


Mom’s text: I forgot to give you lunch money! Sorry!
Son’s text: Don’t worry, I will find food in the dumpster behind the cafeteria.haha0
Mom’s Text: SMH8  (Shaking My Head*Level 8*)

To make sure the word gets out about the EMOTION RATE Please copy and paste the address bar into your Facebook status! #OLDSCHOOL Oops! I forgot to address stupid hashtags!


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Definitions Of All Acronyms Used In This Article
LOL:Laugh Out Loud
SHM: Shaking My Head
IMO: In My Opinion
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
Bahahaha: I Just Snorted Laughed Out Loud
HEHEHE: Snickering