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The Answer to Pain



There is a lot of pain floating around in the world. If you are a breathing human, you already know this and you are either in a storm, just out of a storm. or getting ready to head into a storm. The sad fact is that there is sin in this world and Jesus said himself, “In this world you will have trouble,” John 16:33. I can scroll through my news feed any day of the week and see the pain. Some people wear it on their sleeve, other people’s pain manifests into sinful behavior and others keep it to themselves yet it pops up in other behavior. Some people are good at hiding it, although sooner or later it will show in a way that can be destructive to your relationships- like a toxic goo that works its way in to what eventually develops bitterness. I have a note I keep posted up in my kitchen, I am not sure where I heard it but it was profound enough for me to write it down.

“It is not the wound that hurts you, it is your reaction to the wound.”

Some people get emotionally wounded and lash out at the ones that have loved them the most. I see it everyday. I don’t understand it, the only answer I have is that Satan is the great deceiver. He wants nothing more than to steal your peace. Don’t let him win.

Well, I have the answer. No, seriously, I do. Are you ready to hear it? Are you ready to let go of your pain? Are you ready to have peace? It is so awesome and simple you may want to share it and spread this good news. Some of you may already be doing it and that is GREAT!


Here it is……..
1. Have you prayed to God about it? I am not talking a prayer you mumbled while you were in the shower or sitting in your car. (However, I do recommend praying throughout the day!) I mean this pain that you have, trouble that is bogging you down, tears that wont stop– Have your knees met the floor and is your heart only focused on God kind of prayer? I am not saying God wont answer your quick prayers but have you paid Him reverence?

2. Have you looked to scripture? Have you? Not a quick picture on Facebook that has a single verse or part of a verse (that may even be taken out of context!)– BUT HAVE YOU OPENED THE ACTUAL BIBLE? I have a few apps on my phone and I HIGHLY recommended downloading the iBible app. Ask God to open your eyes up to His word, ask for knowledge.

3. If you don’t make time for God, however you expect him to make time for you?? I have nothing more to add here- refer to 1 and 2.

4. Try switching your radio to a Christian Radio station. Bott Radio Network is wonderful and you can do a quick google search to find a station near you or just listen live online. Another one is Air1 on iHeart radio would be a great start!

Matthew 7:24-25
“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”

My friend, it is never too late to start building your foundation on The Rock. The solid foundation of God. You can start right now and if you do, and would like someone praying for your journey- let me know and I will lift you up in prayer and pray for your journey.

May God Bless Your Walk and May God Heal Your Pain

When you think it’s the other person that needs to change- It just may be you…


Yellow love

 I’m not saying that the other person may not have their personality quirks, that quirk you the wrong way. What I am saying is that maybe instead of getting aggravated with your husband, wife or kids for the tone they use with you maybe you should check your tone. If you want change, start with the one thing you can change, the easiest thing to change, the most beneficial thing to change- Y O U. It is the most beneficial because when others see a change in you they will usually reciprocate your attitude back to you. Now this may not happen overnight but it will eventually be noticed and you may just change the whole temperament in the home by changing your temperament. Pick your battles carefully and remember that not everything has to come to WWIII.


A great resource for married couples is a book written by Dr. Larry Crabb:    Focus on the Family

Love , Marriage, and what Respect looks like…


Husbands & Wives, I heard a message this Thursday morning in the car (podcast 4/24/14) on the Focus on the Family broadcast and I think what this man has to say to wives, what Respect looks like to our husbands, and HOW important Respect is to our marriages was great. If you have a half an hour I recommend listening- you won’t regret it. ♡ If you know a couple that could use some encouragement feel free to share it with them.

Focus On The Family Podcast 2/24/14