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Sequoia & Yosemite 2022


This year’s vacation consisted of a lot of hiking and shallow breathing. I blamed the altitude, but it may have been undiagnosed asthma! Regardless, I pushed on after several breaks. Yosemite was inspiring and the Sequoia’s did not disappoint with dreaming of seeing them since I was a child. My grandfather when I was younger lived in California and he would drive across the country to the Midwest every year to visit us. On those visits he would bring his old cameras and projectors and show us videos of the coast on our living room wall. As boring as that was to a nine year old, it placed a desire to see the giants of all trees. Standing below the towering reddish-brown pillars and feeling the fibrous bark made me feel inconsequential and important at the same time. God is amazing and shows Himself in all His creation. If you have not seen the Sequoia National Park, please go out west and walk among these living giants.