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Editing and More Editing!


I snapped this a few days ago but I thought it was appropriate for a Sunday afternoon post. I’ve spent that day editing and several days since! I would rather do anything else other than editing but I am excited for this one to be released and the first book in the to be released Cracked Daisy Series on November 1st!

Gaining More Blog Followers


Blogger, Blogger, how does your blog grow?

                                                With love and work and, and, and, and….
The last month I have received several questions from friends that were thinking about starting a blog. I get the same question over and over again, “BUT, how do you get followers?”
I thought I would put together a beginner’s quick guide for newbie bloggers to start gaining readers. There is NO PERFECT formula but there are some general rules to help you get started.

#1. Stop worrying about getting followers if you just started your blog. That simple. Now, you will eventually want to set a goal you will want to reach but for now put the thought of followers out of your brain.

#2. Content. Content. Content. You need to focus on posting in your niche. Let’s say it is cooking. Post recipes, pictures, and cooking flub-ups (because we are human and your readers might like to know you mess up too).  Videos are a great addition to a blog so if you have the skills to place up a video then do it.  It doesn’t have to be Steven Spielberg movie quality– just show your personality.

#3. Post on a regular schedule. If it is once a month, make sure you post once a month. After awhile you can set that goal we talked about in step one. Maybe you want ten followers a day, then you are going to have to visit other blogs and be *blog socialable* (and yes, I just made that phrase up). Do not be spammy! Do not beg people to follow your blog. Be genuine and be yourself. You MAY gain followers this way you may not but it is the best start.

#4. I can’t stress this next one enough: Content. Content. Content. Get the picture?

#5. Make sure you tag your blog post with the right keywords. You DO NOT need to saturate your posts with a hundred tags. Make sure you pick relevant tags for your posts and it is important to tag each post separately.  These tags help search engines find you on the world wide web!

#6.  A call to action.  If you want followers for your blog, ask them to follow you when you post your content.  Many people will follow you if they like what you have to say and you just ask them to follow you.  Do Not Spam their websites and blogs though.  Only do this on your own blog or if you have something helpful you can offer another blogger perhaps reach out to them.  Do not spam them.

Keep at it and you will see your followers grow.  Make sure you click the follow me button on the right-side column <– see what I did there 🙂 and I will post more helpful tips to grow your blog in the coming week.

This is not a guide from A to Z but it will hopefully ease your unease about starting a blog… and for those of you that think you can start monetizing your blog right away—think again. Many of us have been at this long time. It takes time to build an audience and we love what we do and we would be doing it regardless of an income.  I think that WordPress is a great site to start your blogging journey so do your own research and then jump in and blog!

If you have any helpful tips  or even questions please, please share them below and help our community grow.



Fort Morgan~~ Gulf Shores… A must do on your bucket list


Aug 3,2011 Gulf Shores 018
This Fort is located on Mobile Point, at the end of the Fort Morgan Peninsula.

Fort Morgan, Alabama

A great place to rent a beach house if you have young ones or even older ones and just relax on the beach! Take a drive to the USS Alabama and tour an actual battleship or just take in the sights. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

USS Alabama

Evening time on the beach…

My Zombie Survival Saturday



If there were ever a Zombie Apocalypse I would do great at retrieving things inside Walmart, like a reconnaissance mission. The thought actually came to me today when I had to run in and only had five minutes to retrieve four items and each were on opposite sides of the supercenter (which admit it, we all hate doing). I completed the mission and checked out in record time.
This is when it hit me: I truly believe I know where everything inside the store is located. If I had to (in dire Zombie circumstances of course) retrieve a first aid kit, fishing tackle, ammunition, Zombie-be-gone-spray (patent pending), a can of beans, gas-x (no need in giving my location away because of ‘digestive issues’), and gluten free pretzels I could do it in record time. I’m like a Walmart savant- much to my husband’s chagrin! It is like my mom-super-power.

You also need to know I am not a fan of the Walking Dead, however, I blame them for my survival thoughts! I hate shows that scare me!

These are my Not-So-Sane Saturday thoughts!

PSA: The 411 on the Beard Growing


Dad & Me

PSA: If you are a fan of the beards everyone and their brother seem to be growing now since the whole Duck Dynasty phenomenon rolled across the states this public service announcement may be for you. I am actually a huge fan of the beard, unfortunately my husband’s job will not let him have a beard now. He had a beard when we married 19 years ago. My father in the above picture was very handsome with a beard. This was taken about 16 years ago at my sister’s wedding. With this in mind I feel the need to educate men everywhere– NOT everyone should sport this hairy look. If you are comfortable with the beard, then by all means keep growing it out, who am I to squash your dreams of a wooly face. There are just some things you should keep in mind if you are growing a beard, a beard that could hide a sandwich, remote control, and top-secret intel comfortably.

I know the saying ‘to each their own’- I get it, I do. I just want you as the prolific beard cultivator to know a few things.

1. If you were not cute before you decided the manliness you are going to exhibit would be follicle in nature, you won’t be cute after it grows out about a foot. Not everyone can be Jase Robertson from The Duck Dynasty crew and pull it off as easy. Plus, his personality shines through his hairy face and you may not be as burly loveable.
2. Some beards only make you look crazy. On a scale of Old Father Time, Rip Van Winkle, and the Unabomber how crazy does your family think you look?
3. If women clutch their purses tighter when you walk by, you may need to grab a razor and shave your face!
4. I actually like the beard fad, but it is not for everyone. So do what your family tells you to do. More than likely if they are telling you that you look like you belong in a fenced-in compound somewhere in the desert, you may want to shave.
5. There is something to be said for George Clooney smooth. I have nothing more to add here.

So either grab a razor or don’t, either way I hope my PSA helped you in your beard growing quest.