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Unicorn Tape Dispenser?!! YES, PLEASE!


Unicorn TapeAs a girl I had a few things unicorn and the older I have gotten I have realized they still mesmerize me!



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TRELLIS by N. S. Hill

Chapter Six First Paragraph:

The island sunshine shone brightly through the tall sterile windows into Dr. Salvaggi’s lab.  The back of the large room had been lined with shelving that ran from floor to ceiling holding what could only be described as atrocities that were performed against the clones on Trellis.  Some of the jars held a human brain or organs from a clone that at one time went to anesthetic slumber on the doctor’s operating table and never woke up.  The Doctor never meant for them to meet their demise this way.  However, in his mind this was the side effect of trying to perfect the flawless weapon.  The other jars were brain samples he had recently began to acquire from around the globe.  He called them his control group, his pool of samples from Trellis that he studied were lacking in new information that he needed.

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Help with my Book Blurb :)


I have been playing around with book blurbs now that my book is ready to be sold!!  It is up on Amazon for Pre-Sale with a date to GO LIVE Nov 21!! 

I have changed the book cover multiple times because of the way it looked from the printing company once printed but I have found one I am in absolute love with and looks great in paperback!

What would you do differently with the book blurb example below?  Don’t hold back 🙂  If you have questions about the publishing process feel free to ask or email me.  If you are a book reviewer and want to talk I am happy to have that discussion as well!

“Agent Colin Banks was doing what he did every day, that is, at least for the last three years.  He was chasing leads and arresting criminals of the State.  The young girl he picked up at the airport he assumed was collateral damage for a money-laundering scheme, he couldn’t have been further from the truth.  His years of service and following the law were about to be flayed open like a fish at a Chinese fish market.  Everything he thought he knew about the government he worked for was a lie and the trail of deceit stretched further than his military trained mind had been prepared to believe.  His young female suspect with her silence would soon make him leave behind his career to save her.  Will she be worth saving in the end?”


A River Cuts Through It



I know for me I go through phases of writing thousands of words a day to pushing through just one paragraph.  I remind myself that as long as I stay consistent writing words~ no matter how few or how many is a success.  Everyday push yourself to write SOMETHING!  Get those fingers a’clicking!

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