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When you think it’s the other person that needs to change- It just may be you…


Yellow love

 I’m not saying that the other person may not have their personality quirks, that quirk you the wrong way. What I am saying is that maybe instead of getting aggravated with your husband, wife or kids for the tone they use with you maybe you should check your tone. If you want change, start with the one thing you can change, the easiest thing to change, the most beneficial thing to change- Y O U. It is the most beneficial because when others see a change in you they will usually reciprocate your attitude back to you. Now this may not happen overnight but it will eventually be noticed and you may just change the whole temperament in the home by changing your temperament. Pick your battles carefully and remember that not everything has to come to WWIII.


A great resource for married couples is a book written by Dr. Larry Crabb:    Focus on the Family

Love , Marriage, and what Respect looks like…


Husbands & Wives, I heard a message this Thursday morning in the car (podcast 4/24/14) on the Focus on the Family broadcast and I think what this man has to say to wives, what Respect looks like to our husbands, and HOW important Respect is to our marriages was great. If you have a half an hour I recommend listening- you won’t regret it. ♡ If you know a couple that could use some encouragement feel free to share it with them.

Focus On The Family Podcast 2/24/14