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Writing Prompt


orange moon

Brock looked at his watch, “Where are they?” He asked the darkness as if he would hear an answer back. Why had he agreed to meet this late in the middle of nowhere?

The moon was full in the night sky and he hated to be near the town’s cemetery. Mostly because of the dead silence that seemed to fill his head with the noisiness of fear. The other reason he hated it out here, the fact his close friend had been buried there so many years before and he had never been to visit. Guilt settled on him immediately, he looked down the road and saw no headlights in view and again glanced at his watch. He found his feet moving him towards the headstone of his buddy not fully sure what was pulling him there.



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Writing Prompt



Here is your scene: 

Dean hadn’t entered the old cave since he was a child and now standing at the entrance he had apprehensions remembering what had happened in those damp cavernous rooms.  He flipped the flashlight on and began his trek.  If Dean was right, his life would be very different when he emerged. 

Social Media Break-Away


Social Media

Last fall I made the decision to turn off all the notifications that popped up on my phone from every social media site I belong to, including email!  Why?  I needed a break from all the pop ups.  What have I learned in this time?  I could live with out it.  Yes, I did not fall into utter darkness, I did not lose contact with friends and family, I didn’t even miss a coupon from JC Penny’s.  I still set times to check my social media pages, I still set up times to check my personal email, I still survived.

Unplugging from these things in this small way alleviated a lot of wasted time checking my notifications every time something popped/pooped up on my OH SO SMART ~SMART PHONE.

I challenge you to try it as well!  Now that my self- imposed sabbatical has been a success I will be continuing this lifestyle change.  However, I am back now and I am ready to hit the floor running with posts– be prepared!


I hope you have a peaceful day


Fort Morgan~~ Gulf Shores… A must do on your bucket list


Aug 3,2011 Gulf Shores 018
This Fort is located on Mobile Point, at the end of the Fort Morgan Peninsula.

Fort Morgan, Alabama

A great place to rent a beach house if you have young ones or even older ones and just relax on the beach! Take a drive to the USS Alabama and tour an actual battleship or just take in the sights. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

USS Alabama

Evening time on the beach…