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What could you learn from your ancestor?


So I was perusing around the world wide web- well not the whole web just WordPress blogs which seem to be my online world lately, and I found a great writing prompt on The Daily Post. It posed an interesting question, ‘If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and would join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?’

Where would I start? I hope they wouldn’t be shocked at my lifestyle. I hope I would make them proud. I love looking at old family pictures- L-O-V-E. But they would probably be shocked I collect pictures of other families. I’ll explain further into this post… My Grandfather who is in his 90’s has told me many times that I look like his niece and has even sent me a picture of her. My Other Grandfather who has since passed on, had a sister that I have been told I sound just like. I would love the opportunity to question these relatives- to see for myself the familiarity that others have seen. To know their hopes and dreams, I would ask if they loved Jesus, did they dream big, did they cherished their family, regrets, their favorite recipe, or do they have any sage advice for me.


Once when we were driving back from Branson, MO we stopped at an off the road shack that had been promising antiques for miles on large billboard signs. I didn’t find any antiques but I did buy for $10 rescued a bundle of old pictures from that old ‘antique’ shop. The old type of pictures on the cardboard stock with the scalloped edges and faded. Pictures of people with faint smiles or no smile at all, and some of the families looked so sad, others looked happy- normal. I just couldn’t leave them in that shop, they meant something to someone once and I wanted to look through them and study them, give them a home. I wanted to look for the story in their faces, in the clothing, in the faded lives frozen in time for me to find in that old dusty crowded resale shop. Yes, there is a possibility that future generations of my family tree will find them and think they belong in our family tree- but they don’t. They belong to another family at another time in history. A family with laughs, smiles, tears, weddings, troubles, babies, stories of their own- unique to their family, yet I am sure familiar to all of us.

I believe we do have a lot to learn from people in our past, from the stories passed down, from the mistakes they made, from lives they lived well, and from the lessons they learned along the way.

I hope I wouldn’t shock my ancestors with anything they found in my life, I would hope they would be proud of me and my family AND I would capture the dinner experience with PICTURES- lots and lots of pictures.