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Entertainment at the Ol’Cube Farm


What? Is that even possible? Entertainment at the Ol’Cube Farm is possible– that is if you aren’t on the phones all day. If you aren’t on the phones and you are doing some other task all day and you can wear your earbuds/head phones/Beats whatever you want to call them I have a treat for you! I came across a section on YouTube awhile back that offers audio books— for free! Now, sometimes I do listen to music but usually I listen to a book and some of the books I have came across are pretty entertaining and I can just as effectively do my work listening to music as listening to an audio book. For those of you poor souls that are not allowed to listen I feel for you! My mind would go numb!

Here are a few of the things I have listened to so far–
Lord of The Rings— I had never been able to get through the actual movie but for some reason the audio books breathed life into this tale for me. I am currently on the Seventh installment and there are a total of 23.

Nicolas Sparks The Choice I think even if you had read this before you would enjoy it! The Notebook is also Available!!

Sherlock Holmes Stories, Jane Austen Novels and SO MANY MORE!

Check it out and if you have any recommendations please share 🙂