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To Decorate or Not to Decorate Your Office Space?



I have a few things in my office space, some necessary, some just for my own sanity. I have a small plant, a few pictures, a nice large calender with bible verses on it, a blanket (because I freeze without it!), tissues, a jacket, a mirror (not so much to check my reflection but to see who is walking up behind me), and gluten-free snacks. I came across this article on cubefarming.com on why not to decorate your cubical, and it brings up a good point. Do you personalize your work area to make it comfortable or as the writer of the article suggests not decorate on the off chance you may get let go and it is easier for you to pick up your stuff and move along?

I have a plant on my desk, directly between my two computer screens. It helps bring something green and living into a rather blah environment. Staring at numbers on a computer screen all day kind of sucks the outside reality from you. I find the green leaves relaxing. Corny? Maybe. I do not have a lot of nick-knacks but I know many people that do have them on their desks. I assume the way they have their desk set up is probably the way they have their home set up. I also know people that bring nothing to their workspace, no pictures, no Kleenex, nothing. Where do you fall? Do we decide not to decorate on the off chance it is easier to not become emotionally attached to our work environment? How is your office space set up?