A Balloon Artist and Life’s Great Artist


If you haven’t yet found this blog by my dear friend Anita, please check it out and follow her. She has a gift to bring everyday stories full circle with a biblical message. http://anitalucasfreestyle.com/2014/04/03/a-balloon-artist-and-lifes-great-artist/


Last June our family had the opportunity to travel to Orlando for vacation. My parents, my sister and her family, and my own family were able to all go together to share the Disney experience. Surprisingly losing my dad just eight short months later it is a trip that has come to have such significant memories. One evening we had diner outside of the Disney parks. This particular restaurant happened to have a young college aged girl that was making balloon animals for children for tips. She made four wonderful balloons for my niece, nephew, and two daughters. My father tipped her well for all of the balloons and both my husband and brother-in-law threw in a tip. She did very well at our table that evening. Her talent became very inspirational to two of the young eyes that watched her turn the deflated balloons into wonderful inflated creations.   My…

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