You know that moment, that moment you realize your family isn’t as normal as you once gave them credit for? That they are for a lack of a better word- NUTTY. Sure, you knew you were different from other families because your family did things the right way. Not like other families, who clearly wasn’t as cool as your family. Then one day something happens and you see clearly and smell the peanut shells? The scales fall off and you see all the warts, all the bad habits, and oddities that make their way to the surface, to your normalcy, and questions it.
Either willingly while you are young you don’t see these traits in your family, or, perhaps with age they are revealed to you. Possibly, you are introduced to other families that have their own quirks that mingle with your reality. What you once thought was normal and your definition of normal changes and you realize your family is socially backwards. Their language is crude, the life choices they make are iffy, their view on politics are skewed, their choice in clothing with no sleeves seems a bit redneck, and you’re quite positive they are the ones that give you chest pains.
Nonetheless, even with all these peculiarities, you love them and would NEVER let another non-family member talk about them, because, ‘them thar is fighten words, buddy’… and you will eventually come to realize your family thinks you are the odd one!

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Hello!! Welcome to my blogging home, come on in and make yourself at home. Have a glass of iced tea, have a seat and we can visit. If you like what you read then you can sign up for A Brunette's Reflection over on the right hand side to get email updates. I'm never boring! Okay, Maybe sometimes according to my teenage sons and husband. :) I am the author of Junior Size Faith that was released in May of 2012 and I have been writing ever since. My newest book Trellis was released in November of 2016 and I haven't slowed down. :) If you would like to contact me, leave me a message :) Or Follow my Pinterest Boards if you dare-- I'm addicted!

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