Insight on the Unrest in Ferguson, Missouri


I have reluctantly remained quiet on the sad situation in Ferguson, MO. I just didin’t have the words to describe what I was feeling. With Ferguson being within and hour of my home, our Midwest news programs and National News have been inundated with the riots. I read this post last night on Facebook shared by a friend and I think it is the most poignant writing and take on what is actually being overlooked. The author, who I do not know described exactly what I was feeling. Good news to report, the protest were much calmer last night! I hope you find it helpful as well!

Kristi Neace: Ferguson Perspective From a Cop’s Wife

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  1. Thank you for this post. I read the article by the policeman’s wife. A great perspective on this situation. I don’t know why the young man was shot, but he obviously wasn’t being a good Samaritan either.


    • True. I’m not sure why he was shot and another means were not used to subdue him but until the investigation is complete I am trying not to judge. I do know the police force should get more respect than they do in general and it saddens me how this has snowballed.

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