I just signed up for NaNoWriMo… help??


Who is doing the NaNoWriMo ???? What are writing buddies and how do you find them?

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  1. Nanowrimo is an awesome, yet at times intense month of writing. Good for you on signing up – it is a challenge! But so worth it if you have not penned 50k words in a month before. This will teach you a few things, such as focus, time management, and the ability to just write, meaning not to edit as you go. Save that for later months. I have tried Nanowrimo many times, “won” a few of them by surpassing the 50k word count, and will try again this year.

    Writing buddies are fellow Nano’s. While there are no set rules on what buddies are supposed to do, in the past my buddies and I have sent each other weekly notes of encouragement, status updates, and offered advice on writing questions. It’s all in fun and the accountability helps many get to the 50k mark. To get a buddy, you can do a search for someone but if you don’t have their username just right, it may not work well. Usually, if you go to the discussion boards and look for your genre, you will often find a post set up by the moderator where you can find buddies. You click on a name, then click “add buddy” or something akin to that, and there you go.

    If you have set up your profile to include being in a region, you can go to the region’s site (there should be a link in there somewhere) and you can “buddy” as many or as few people as you want. As I recall, becoming a buddy is not an automatic. If you press the icon to become someone’s writing buddy, I believe they receive an email letting them know. They would have to confirm. This may not be how it goes now, but in past we did it that way.

    Best of luck on your novel. My Nano username is DJ Lutz. I am in the mystery, thriller, suspense discussion area often enough. Feel free to “buddy” if you want.

    One more thing – the forums tend to “reset” around the end of September, first part of October. The topics will remain the same, but the prior posts will be wiped clean. Nothing to stress out about, but it does take some people by surprise. It’s a database maintenance thing.

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    • Thank you, DJ! Lots of great info you gave me! I have been playing around on the NaNoWriMo site for about three hours and I still don’t have it figured out! I have been perusing the forums and trying to gain knowledge there- at least as much as I can. I will look for you!



  2. Good luck – it is a commitment. If I make any more commitments they’ll have to put me in chains in a padded room, so I will not be trying timed anything in the near future.

    Nor doing anything with a bunch of other people – but I’m always fascinated by the fast writers, and my own process could use a speed-up. If it weren’t so fascinating to dig deep into a scene…

    Then I remember the first draft did go rather quickly, back a few years ago when I was writing it. I can do fast – the problem is I can’t do both fast and truly connected to the story simultaneously.]

    But fast FEELS good. Enjoy.

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  3. This will be my second year. Writing buddies are any writers you know who you chat with during NaNo and spy on their word count progress! Many of my writing buddies are people I already knew from Figment and YouTube. Simply ask people or search for usernames on the site. You can also encourage your writing friends to add you. πŸ™‚

    Add me as a friend, my username is Brianna W, and I’ll be sure to send encouraging words your way during November. Also I will be blogging about the experience and how I am getting ready for Nano. I love sharing tips and resources, and have become a self-proclaimed promoter of the event. It’s such a time of community and growth…much like the holiday season.


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