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Start Seeing Bikes!


We have ridden bikes for over two decades now. I know that gives my age as OLD but at this stage of the game, age is just a number.  We are NOT full blown Harley riders, we are NOT novice Harley riders. What we ARE ~ AWARE Bike Riders. We try to be aware of what is around us and what could be dangerous but no one is perfect. Please start seeing bikes. Give them respect. Not all bike riders act safe when driving but the majority do and it is a tight community.  Did you know that Bikers wave at one another when they are driving down the highway and roads? If you don’t ride a bike you may not know this universal wave happens all over the country between bikers that do not know one another. Even the burliest, toughest guys wave at other bikers.  If you didn’t know that, now you can watch for the friendly wave between riders.

So, I will ask one more time~~ Please, start seeing bikes and give them room. Be AWARE DRIVERS and we will be AWARE RIDERS.


Do you wanna take a bike ride with us?


I thought I would share what we did on the last day of Summer today. My husband and I took a ride to a small river town and I thought I would share some pictures we took along the way. We have rode motorcycles since the age of sixteen. No, I do not drive one myself– no one would want that! We are more like weekend riders when the weather is nice and we have a few hours to spare. WE are FAR FROM the Son’s of Anarchy, although that T.V. show intrigues me :))

So if you want to go along with us on the bike scroll through the pictures I snapped and you can go ride along without ever leaving your home. I apologize for the poor quality pictures, we were moving and I have a new camera I haven’t got use to yet. I need a lot more practice!