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Cracked Daisy ~ New Excerpt


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Here is a New excerpt of Cracked Daisy. If you would like to read more click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the Kindle Scout Page and Click Show Full Excerpt under Chapter One. Please vote! 🙂

“Watching mom pull out of the parking lot in her car, I pushed the library door open slowly and the smell of the paper hit me. Possibly more of a mildew smell than paper one now that I think about it. Our town library was old and seemed majestic. As a child, I loved coming here with my dad on the weekends. I would roam the isles and get lost in reading.

I laid my books on the counter and looked at Ms. Ruby bending over a pile of stacked books on a cart. She was an older lady that wore fashionable dress clothes much younger than her age. On her fingers were large oversized costume jewelry and her fingernails were always extra-long in length and brightly colored. Rumor had it, she has been married ten times and is on the prowl again, that is if ancient people prowl. Her brightly stained lipstick was a little uneven but at her age, I give her credit for looking as good as she did.

“Daisy Violet Day! I missed you at the book club meeting this week. Were you sick, dear?” Ms. Ruby asked with genuine concern. Ms. Ruby is the only person I knew that called me by my full name. She said it reminded her of her friends when she was a young girl, a friend named Violet and a friend named Daisy.

“No ma’am, Joseph was headed home and I didn’t want to miss him.”

“Where is that tall drink of water brother of yours? Will he be home all summer? I think we could find him a job up here this summer at the library.”

“Thank you, Ms. Ruby. I will be sure to share that information with him.” I said contemplating those implications of him working side by side with a flirty Ms. Ruby.

I heard the library door open and swoosh shut and was hoping it was Mica. I was right. When he rounded the corner, he was carrying what looked like two motorcycle helmets. Surely, no… I mean, he wouldn’t have brought a motorcycle to drive me home… Right?

Ms. Ruby smiled at him and spoke before I could, “Well, aren’t you a handsome son of a gun. You have trouble written all over you. How can I help you?”

Mica smiled while winking at me privately and placed the helmets up on the counter. He began speaking in a playfully serious tone, “Darling, I am here to help this redhead with some school work. Where is the quietest corner in this place? It is imperative that we not be bothered. The future of Algebra and Mankind is at stake.”

Ms. Ruby’s eyes darted from me to Mica and she asked, “And what is your name?”

“Mica Malone.”

“Malone? You are one of the Malone’s?” She asked as she moved around the corner of the counter. “I heard you fellas were back. You don’t wear your crown around I guess.”

Mica’s eyes widened and I’m sure I saw him choke at the word crown.

“Excuse me?” Mica stuttered out.

Ms. Ruby looked peculiarly at Mica and said, “I must have you mixed up with someone else. Well, Darling, Ms. Daisy Violet can show you to where she would like to study.”

Mica picked his helmets off the counter and lifted one in the air partially to point towards the book isles and for me to lead. Whatever Ms. Ruby had meant by those words, they visibly rattled him.”

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The Kindle Scout Plunge


I did it! I submitted a manuscript to Kindle Scout!  For those of you that don’t know what Kindle Scout is, it is a platform where you can submit a manuscript of around 50,000 words and sign an exclusivity contract and bam! Your work is then on a platform where an excerpt is offered and voted on by Amazon Kindle Scout users for 30 days. You only get 3 votes a month before your voting power starts over. We as the author do  not see who voted, how many votes were given, or where we stand opposed to another book in the line-up. If you are a reader it gives you publishing power on what will be published next. It is a wonderful site that I am not sure a lot of people know about. If you vote on a book that you like and it is chosen for publication then you will receive the book if it is picked and will get the opportunity to write a review.

I have been following them closely for sometime watching and dreaming of what that kind of exposure could mean. Well, I am about to find out. Right now my book is in the review process and then it will go live. Every time I release a new book, under my name or a pen name, there is an instant swarm of butterflies released in my belly. Well, I am digesting those suckers today! I submitted the manuscript. All I can do now is wait and see. I have two more in the series ready to go to print once this Kindle Scout Campaign is completed.


I have a love hate relationship with putting my written creations out there for, I want to say the masses but it is more like a baker’s dozen!

I will be posting the book title and other info once the Book is approved and live on Kindle Scout. Hope you will follow me on this journey over the next few months!






Junior Size Faith is free today! Share, Share, Share!


Like to take quizes? Download my book from Amazon today for free and read it front to back. Next Monday I will post a series of ‘quiz questions’ about this love story and also the back pages on my short testimony.

  I released it in 2012 and still receive emails from fans. I love hearing from my readers!  

Unicorn Tape Dispenser?!! YES, PLEASE!


Unicorn TapeAs a girl I had a few things unicorn and the older I have gotten I have realized they still mesmerize me!





Help with my Book Blurb :)


I have been playing around with book blurbs now that my book is ready to be sold!!  It is up on Amazon for Pre-Sale with a date to GO LIVE Nov 21!! 

I have changed the book cover multiple times because of the way it looked from the printing company once printed but I have found one I am in absolute love with and looks great in paperback!

What would you do differently with the book blurb example below?  Don’t hold back 🙂  If you have questions about the publishing process feel free to ask or email me.  If you are a book reviewer and want to talk I am happy to have that discussion as well!

“Agent Colin Banks was doing what he did every day, that is, at least for the last three years.  He was chasing leads and arresting criminals of the State.  The young girl he picked up at the airport he assumed was collateral damage for a money-laundering scheme, he couldn’t have been further from the truth.  His years of service and following the law were about to be flayed open like a fish at a Chinese fish market.  Everything he thought he knew about the government he worked for was a lie and the trail of deceit stretched further than his military trained mind had been prepared to believe.  His young female suspect with her silence would soon make him leave behind his career to save her.  Will she be worth saving in the end?”