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Launch Day for the Cracked Daisy Series has arrived!


Last night around 9pm my Series Cracked Daisy was published! The last two weeks have drug—-creeped —-tiptoed by waiting for this day to arrive!

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Amazon Author Followers


I recently heard that having a bunch of followers on Amazon for your author page get you more exposure so I’m going to try something new.

Let’s get a FOLLOW TRAIN going for Sweet Romance/Clean & Wholesome Authors. I want to stay in this is John ra for my author page because I don’t want to mess up Amazon’s shifty algorithms.

1. If you like the genre mentioned above click here and Follow My Author Page.

2. If you are an author who meets the above criteria above and want me to follow you back – drop a comment in the comment box below with your link to your Amazon author page.

Please and Thank you!

New Book Cover


I have now tossed another book cover out the window! I have been using AMS ads to track clicks on my pre-order for Cracked Daisy and the new cover I have switched to has produced three times as many clicks than the previous cover. Of course, I have also played around with the blurb quite a bit!

What do you think?

And for all of you that have pre-ordered Cracked Daisy, this will not affect your order, just a change in the cover.

What do you think??

What does one girl, one undercover prince, and a football-team have in common?

A Queen determined to keep us separated.
When the teacher’s pet, A.K.A. school jock offers to help me in algebra, things get tense. Just when I think my summer is gearing towards the worst possible path, Mica swoops in with his quick motorcycle and superb math skills saving the day. I am sure he is keeping a secret from the rest of the school but will I uncover something sinister or enchanting? Will it end in regretful revenge that seems to come easily for a Cracked Daisy like myself?

Find out what finally Cracked Daisy and check out the sweet teenage romance in this series today.

Cracked Daisy: The Cracked Daisy Series - Book One