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Launch Day for the Cracked Daisy Series has arrived!


Last night around 9pm my Series Cracked Daisy was published! The last two weeks have drug—-creeped —-tiptoed by waiting for this day to arrive!

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NaNoWriMo Five Minute Break!



For all your NaNoWriMO diehards that are looking for a five-minute break or eBook publishers out there that have tried to hyperlink chapters to your Table of Contents (TOC), this post is for you — and you are welcome!

When I found this this video and I could actually understand what the guy was doing I wanted to get up and and dance. I did not dance because I was in the library but you get the picture. While I was there I snapped a picture of my awesome small-town library and wanted to share it with you plus share this great YouTube video of HYPER-LINKING CHAPTERS in your eBook.

This is a great way to help give your ebook a polished look and only takes about five minutes to implement! So what are you waiting for? Go add it to your book and Happy NaNoWriMo November!!
Get Creating!!

Researching Scrivener…Do I embrace change or stay with familiarity?




I know it is 2014!  Microsoft Word may be Sooo 1990’s but I know how to use that program and I don’t like change.  Change is one reason why have kept my prom dresses in a tub in my basement- In my mind I can still fit into them becasue I haven’t changed.  I dare you— say I have changed..  I didn’t think so.    With many projects and ideas floating around in the hallways of my mind like high schoolers causing destruction on Senior Prank Day, I need to get them out into the real world.  There has to be an easier way to keep all my writing projects grouped together – so my quest begins.  Or should I say began awhile ago.  I’ve been researching this thing called Scrivener($40) for my writing projects and even with all the reviews out there I am still on the fence.  I found a great video on YouTube by Johnny B. Truant that helped lay out  reasons to switch to Scrivener although I still can’t jump in with both feet.  Amazon has quite a few reviews on it as well that are helpful.  Susan Mallette the creater of the Keep WRITING  wrote a great piece about Scrivener that lays out what you should expect when you start using Scrivener. She also shared with me another product that I have since checked into today called Scapple ($14.99). It looks like a tangible hybrid of what goes on in a writers mind. You add your ideas to a board that you can drop and drag to Scrivener. You can read more about it at Goodreads. Even though I DO have the latest version of Microsoft Word I find it lacking in many areas.  I hate switching back and forth for my notes on a project, I can’t really break it up unless I create a whole new document but the truth is I am comfortable with it.  I know it and I like to think it knows me 🙂 we spend an awful lot of time together!  I can’t even figure out how to group my blog posts together by topic so my computer skills are lacking somewhat and I am afraid if I get Scrivener or Scapple I would botch it up because I am not tech savvy. 

I am still on my quest to find something easier and when I make my decsion I will post it on here. 


Do you have thoughts on different programs AND what do you use? 



Anyway, if you are a writer I hope this helps with which platform best suits your needs.  If you have suggestions please share!