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Word of the Week Challenge 6/10/14


A Brunette’s Reflection Word of the week challenge– drum roll please…. Verisimilitude. Can you wiggle this word into your work week? Hope you have fun with it! The last word was exculpate. This week I was listening to something on the web and heard the word verisimilitude. I thought for sure I knew the meaning so I did a quick search and I was wrong! Gasp— okay, maybe I wasn’t that surprised I was wrong– Whatevs… The definition of


Example: Being close to the truth.
Example: The fictional book I read had a thread of verisimilitude running through the story.

Can you use this word this week??

Quote by C. J. Lyons


A quote by C.J. Lyons when she was asked what her secret was for being a best selling author, “I am an A.B.C. writer. Apply Butt to Chair and write.”

I think a lot of authors get frustrated when their first book doesn’t hit number one overnight. Keep at it. Keep writing. Keep publishing.

All that glitters is not EASY


I received a new computer from my wonderful husband for Christmas.  At first when I unwrapped the box I was so excited to get a new laptop after seven years of babying my old one I could hardly contain my excitement.  I think I squealed like a little girl- okay, I am pretty sure I did.  I have to say, now that I have this new fancy laptop, I thought I would be spitting out prose like a Shakespearian Elite.  Not the case- who could have guessed.

Many new toys on this new laptop, this Windows 8 thing is still touch and go for now.  My screen drives me insane when it magically switches from screen to screen and makes me lose track of what I was doing.  I know I just need to watch all the tutorials on it but who has time for that when you’re trying to figure it out on your own 🙂 .  It just doesn’t have the same familiarity as the old laptop.  The buttons are larger, which to someone who writes a lot- that is a bigger deal than one would think.  I’m getting used to it, and thankful that my husband surprised me, my old one was trying to fizzle out.  He came home back in November and found me in tears with a screwy computer screen.  I thought I had lost all my work.  Yes, I save my work daily but I hadn’t saved it yet that day.  He fixed it after hours of taking it apart and putting it back together.  He loves me like that.  And he doesn’t like tears…

The new one is much faster than my old computer and I can actually download pictures to this one without it freezing up, which is a HUGE plus.  I have my current novels transferred to this new gift and I have typed a few thousand words since Christmas but not over the 2,500 words a day, I was firing out.  I am hoping the newness wears off and I can get back in the grove of things and finish my writing projects.

Although, maybe I haven’t been able to write because my kids have been out of school and under my feet since before Christmas and with the current snow storm- eh Polar Vortex, they may not be going back anytime soon.  Day three of Snow Days and I still haven’t typed a word with my pending projects.

Do I blame the kiddos, new computer, procrastination, or being too frozen from the Polar Vortex to type?