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Happy Monday!


Smelling flowers
So my time of organizing is coming to an organized end 🙂 I am almost done with my walk-in closet, ( I was lost for hours in a mountain of hangers this weekend and I thought a search party was going to have to be dispatched for me) my biggest tip I can share with you is to do it in small chunks. For me I set out to tackle it every morning while I was getting ready. I have been picking out five– YES 5 things every morning and deciding if they make the cut or not. When I say make the cut I am actually asking myself, “Do I Love It?” If not, if I cannot remember the last time I wore it it goes in my donate pile. My donate pile is becoming quite large!

Something strange I have noticed since I started reorganizing my home, I have no desire to go shopping! Recently, when I have been to the store I am asking myself over and over again, “Will this item actually be used or am I going to donate it to Goodwill in six months?”

Another helpful tip I heard while doing research on reorganizing is DO Not Buy Organizers for your junk. You do not want to reorganize your junk, you want to get rid of it. You want to organize the stuff you actually want.

Take five minutes and hit a clutter hot spot in your home.

Hope you have a great week! I plan on posting our recent Vacation pictures the rest of the week! Hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to sign up for updates on this Brunettes Reflection

Day 5 of Getting My Home Re-Organized


Yes, I say Re-Organized. I think most moms have an organizational method that they have used for years that get them by. Well, I have scrapped my old way. A new Organized Momma is at work and I am going to share my journey with you. Over the last five days I have attacked my kitchen counter clutter, my bathroom clutter and the closet under the stairs with great success and delivered a load to Goodwill. My kitchen counter didn’t have a lot on it other than Longaberger Baskets (for those of you that don’t know what those are and for those of you that do, yes, I love the baskets, they are durable and look great~~ but enough, I am going for a less is more look.). The baskets are stored away in case I feel I need them back but so far so good. The baskets were a catch-all for paper and misplaced items. Going through them always felt like a chore and now if it is left on the counter and doesn’t make it back to its home it has a day and then I will pitch it, my family has been forewarned.

I am finding this inspiration from different YouTube Videos but mainly from The FlyLady. My cousin Tina introduced me to the FlyLady Blog probably over a decade ago and I suppose life got in the way and last week as I was searching Organizational Methods I typed the FlyLady name in YouTube and WOW, if you can’t get tips from her then either you are doing it all right already or you can’t be taught, which I doubt!

Anyone that knows me knows I don’t like germs, especially imaginary ones I dream up that I think may be lurking on door knobs and faucets ready to attack, so keeping things clean isn’t an issue, it is keeping the clutter out. Paper clutter that follows my husband everywhere, football and sports junk that my youngest son thinks should be stored in our dinning room, and I found a brand new car tool still in the package that my oldest son thought needed stored by the cereal. Enough. My kitchen. Mine. I found some charts that I pinned on my Pinterest boards (that you can follow and check out if you want.) and I am going to play around with making one that fits our home’s needs and when I do I will shat it as well.

I also do not want to make it sound like my family doesn’t have chores, they do and they pitch in extra when needed, where I don’t feel like I have done a good job is teaching them how to be organized. My mom is an organized person and it was never taught to me, it was just done, magically. Well, not magically but you get the picture, she always had everything clean and in its place- always. The bar was set folks, albeit high but I know I can reach it.

So what are you waiting for? Take 15 minutes, set a timer and hit a clutter hotspot in your house. You don’t have to finish it today just make a dent then come back here and share what you did. I am nothing if not a cheerleader against clutter!

Day One of Organizing


Dear Diary,

My Organizational Skills Suck.

As I sit here and try to contemplate where to begin when organizing my bathroom I’m already feeling overwhelmed. I haven’t even began yet and I feel overwhelmed. My bathroom is not a disaster but it could be better organized. I have watched several FlyLady videos on YouTube and she has some great tips on getting started organizing your home and decluttering the mess without making you feel guilty that you’re not a perfect mom in the Leave It to Beaver sense. I will also share any tips I find that work well!!

I plan to keep you updated on how this journey goes. I hope my family is ready for an organizational lifestyle change!