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Junior Size Faith is free today! Share, Share, Share!


Like to take quizes? Download my book from Amazon today for free and read it front to back. Next Monday I will post a series of ‘quiz questions’ about this love story and also the back pages on my short testimony.

  I released it in 2012 and still receive emails from fans. I love hearing from my readers!  

Word of the Week Challenge 1/15/2015



A Brunette’s Reflection Word of the week challenge– drum roll please…. ETYMOLOGY. Can you wiggle this word into your work week? Hope you have fun with it! The last word was VERISIMILITUDE.


Example: It is the scientific study of the origin of words.
Example: Studying the word and the root of the word helps you in the understanding of what you are reading —i.e. Etymology!

To do more reading on this word you can check it out here at English For Students.

Can you use the word Etymology this week??

****Not to be confused with Entomology which is the study of insects. ****

What My Summer Reading List Consisted of in 2014


Believe it or not I did get a lot of writing done over the summer for the writing projects that I have almost completed– ALMOST. Hopefully, I will be adding more to the word counts on those ‘said’ projects in the next few months with the kids back in school. I also added a lot to my reading lists that I would like to share. Maybe you are looking for a much needed break with a good book or perhaps you are looking for something to do while you wait for your son to come out of football practice late- – No? That must just be me!

Here are just a few of the books I read:

Lindsay Buroker has a great series called the Emperor’s Edge that I have to admit I found hard to start. I read the first few pages and I couldn’t get into it. Maybe it was what I had going on while I was reading or perhaps it was the Industrial- Steam Punk genre she writes in (not sure that is a genre but I am sticking with it). I put it down several times in just the first few pages. Once I picked it up and had some quiet time to myself I couldn’t put it down. Lots of places in the book that made me laugh OUTLOUD. She really sucks you into this make-believe world and I have since downloaded the others and the short stories. I highly recommend this series.

Patricia Strefling is another author I have fell in love with. Her books are very Christian based and the 2 book series ‘Ireland Rose’ is a great read. Strefling establishes a very strong female character in Ireland Rose and you will find yourself cheering for her one moment and having a hurting heart the next. Lots of twists in these books and I couldn’t put them down till I was done and had a mental completed story of her life.

Heather B Moore, author of Hearts of the Ocean was another book with a twist I never saw coming at the end. This was a book I thought I had figured out halfway through and I was completely wrong!! I am sure you will enjoy this as much as I did 

Elementary, my Dear Watson!



I’ve been a little unplugged the past few weeks.  By unplugged I mean NO INTERNET SERVICE.  I was simply informed that ‘they’ updated the towers near my house to give me faster service.  Guess what- I have no service now.  This has created some annoyance but I have dealt with it, mainly because I don’t have a ladder tall enough to fix it myself.  This free time has allowed me to write and follow up with some new story ideas and plot twists.  I have even shuffled through some of my kindle books downloaded forever and day ago and made some headway with actual reading.  Yes, it is amazing what you can do when you take an element of your life, like the internet, away.  Which brings me to my next thought, as I meandered through my downloaded books I came across The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  I have seen the old PBS remakes when I was little, I even remember at some point in my childhood getting to watch an old Sherlock Homes movie in class.  I am also a fan of the new remakes starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.  Therefore, I thought I would give it a whirl!  Keeping in mind that Sir Conan Doyle started writing the Sherlock Holmes stories in 1887, I knew there would be words I didn’t understand and all I could hope that it would not bore me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I am actually thoroughly enjoying every page.  I can see now why Doyle was such a popular writer.  I caught myself laughing aloud last night- yes, I LOL’d at a 127 year old book.  If you haven’t checked out the stories on Sherlock Holmes I would suggest giving it a try, it really is Elementary, my Dear Watson.

Happy Blogging and Reading!!