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Describing Happiness is Like Nailing Jello to a Tree…


Mark Twain

Happiness. It is what humans strive for on some level or another~ happy, happy, happy. Everyone has their own definition of what happiness means to them but when it is cracked open and pulled apart happiness is like nailing Jello to a tree. The definition of happiness shifts and reshapes over time depending on where you are in your life. When my children were small happiness to me was watching them sleep with their perfect little angelic slumbering faces. That can not be bottled, folks. When I was young around the age of eleven or twelve writing in a journal my youthful musings/poetry of life while sitting on my grandma’s porch swing was happiness. Happiness stretches, happiness shifts, and happiness is memories. This memory of my Grandma’s swing is a fond one because she is no longer with us.

What I realized today as I contemplated the word of Happiness for myself seems to be is writing, simply put, words on a screen or pen to paper. Unhappiness for me is not writing the stories of the people that live in my daydreams. For those of you that do not feel the need to write, you will think I have lost my mind. Even in my math classes as a young girl I still remember the personalities I would assign to numbers. Yes, I said numbers, example 7 and 8 dated, as in they went to the movies, on a date, in my crazy daydreams. These two numbers would be happy when they wound up next to one another in the answer when I had to do a trying multiplication problem. I could go on but why make you think I am more crazy than you already do 🙂 My brain works in story patterns, it is who I am, and happiness comes to me when I get to put these ideas on paper and share them with others.

Happiness also comes to me when I have my husband and boys at home, house tidy, and no alarm that has to be set for the next day. My nieces and nephews bring me joy and getting to sit across from my Grandma N., uninterrupted and listening to her memories brings such contentment.

What brings me happiness isn’t stuff, I don’t ever see that changing. I am not saying that a cute pair of shoes don’t feel good, but for me, shoes are not happiness. Shoes might bring someone else happiness and that is fine if that is how they are hardwired.

On a side note, there is a ton of melancholy out there amongst writers of the 17th and 18th century about happiness. I thought I would quote some famous poet or writer about happiness and most of the quotes I found had something to do with only finding happiness in other people’s failures. If this is you~ seek help..no seriously, you are messed up. All I can imagine about the writers in these eras is that they had no electric, no refrigerated food, plagues, very few had indoor plumbing, and hair products had to me mediocre at best~~~Imma guess’n. I say that I don’t need material things to be happy but if you took these things away from me I might be cranky, too and I would not be frizz free. No, there is no *might be cranky* about it. I would be. No doubt. This could have resulted in their melancholy on happiness.

What makes you happy? What defines your happiness? Have you really thought about this question? You probably have a list of things that don’t make you happy but do you have a list of what makes you happy? Take a few minutes and think about what your happiness is… More times than not, whatever you liked to do as a kid perhaps fishing, riding bikes, building with Legos or Lincoln Logs, playing house, drawing, baseball, or writing like I did, it is probably safe to say you like doing something of the same nature as an adult. Perhaps if you think about this you will find you actually apply this childhood skill to your adult job. My husband liked to ride bicycles ALL OVER TOWN as a kid and now he rides motorcycles when he can fit it in his schedule, even though he doesn’t do this at his job, he still enjoys doing this in his spare time.

So I ask you, what was your *happiness* as a child? Could you do something similar as an adult or perhaps you already do…

Cooking With Bacon Grease…


Something I have learned the past week while trying to organize my home and thus my family’s lives is they don’t want to be organized. I am attempting to rewrite DNA here. Why do they fight what is good for them? It is just not trying to get our lives organized but also the older we get the more healthy recipes I am making for my family, and again getting them to actually go back for seconds is a chore. Why is it we are hardwired for the things that aren’t good for us? Going to a biblical verse Jesus said it best when he spoke these words in Mark 10:18 NIV, “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good–except God alone.”

Actual conversation this morning between my husband and myself:

Me, the loving wife trying to promote heart health asked my husband, “Would you like me to cook breakfast?”

He answered, “Yes, but be sure to cook the eggs in the bacon grease this time.”

I quickly answered, “Noooo.”

He quips, “I don’t have high cholesterol.” Like that justifies him eating pig fat.

I smiled as I left the room and mumbled, “You are welcome.”

We all have that *something* that we know we should do because it is good for us and when we make it a routine of doing the right thing, for me right now it is getting my home re-organized this week. It would be easier to just let it be and continue in the familiar routine that I know. We fight what is good for us, we don’t always see the bigger plan. We go for what is easiest at the time. God has a grand plan for us, He wants what is good for us and we don’t always listen and it may not always be the easy way at the time but in the long run it always winds up being the right route. Many of us run and hide from His goodness and miss out on blessings that God wants us to have.

Galatians 6:9 ESV
“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

I will not give up this fight, I will win and by-golly my family will be happy about it! Or at least appease my good effort 🙂

Is there something you have been fighting getting done around the house? Set a timer for 15 minutes and only do it for 15 minutes. It doesn’t have to be done perfect, it DOES NOT ALL have to be done today- JUST DO IT.

Have a great day!!!

Day 5 of Getting My Home Re-Organized


Yes, I say Re-Organized. I think most moms have an organizational method that they have used for years that get them by. Well, I have scrapped my old way. A new Organized Momma is at work and I am going to share my journey with you. Over the last five days I have attacked my kitchen counter clutter, my bathroom clutter and the closet under the stairs with great success and delivered a load to Goodwill. My kitchen counter didn’t have a lot on it other than Longaberger Baskets (for those of you that don’t know what those are and for those of you that do, yes, I love the baskets, they are durable and look great~~ but enough, I am going for a less is more look.). The baskets are stored away in case I feel I need them back but so far so good. The baskets were a catch-all for paper and misplaced items. Going through them always felt like a chore and now if it is left on the counter and doesn’t make it back to its home it has a day and then I will pitch it, my family has been forewarned.

I am finding this inspiration from different YouTube Videos but mainly from The FlyLady. My cousin Tina introduced me to the FlyLady Blog probably over a decade ago and I suppose life got in the way and last week as I was searching Organizational Methods I typed the FlyLady name in YouTube and WOW, if you can’t get tips from her then either you are doing it all right already or you can’t be taught, which I doubt!

Anyone that knows me knows I don’t like germs, especially imaginary ones I dream up that I think may be lurking on door knobs and faucets ready to attack, so keeping things clean isn’t an issue, it is keeping the clutter out. Paper clutter that follows my husband everywhere, football and sports junk that my youngest son thinks should be stored in our dinning room, and I found a brand new car tool still in the package that my oldest son thought needed stored by the cereal. Enough. My kitchen. Mine. I found some charts that I pinned on my Pinterest boards (that you can follow and check out if you want.) and I am going to play around with making one that fits our home’s needs and when I do I will shat it as well.

I also do not want to make it sound like my family doesn’t have chores, they do and they pitch in extra when needed, where I don’t feel like I have done a good job is teaching them how to be organized. My mom is an organized person and it was never taught to me, it was just done, magically. Well, not magically but you get the picture, she always had everything clean and in its place- always. The bar was set folks, albeit high but I know I can reach it.

So what are you waiting for? Take 15 minutes, set a timer and hit a clutter hotspot in your house. You don’t have to finish it today just make a dent then come back here and share what you did. I am nothing if not a cheerleader against clutter!

God Sees Your Problems From His Throne


Sunday night our church had the little ones put on a lively Southern Gospel singing event and they did a fantastic job. The song is called Falling and after much research by a church friend who found it on YouTube! Although, you haven’t really heard it until you hear girls around the age of 7 or so sing this praise song. One of the songs had a line about problems in life that I thought I would share, this is out of context but the gist is: You are looking at it through earthly eyes and God sees it from His throne. Doesn’t that put our big problems in perspective and help us see that nothing is to big for God… Remember you are not alone, open your bible and get to know the one that spoke you into motion.
Hope you have a blessed day!!
Who can you be a blessing to today?