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47 days and counting!


My series goes live on November 1st and as I study keywords, audiences, categories, and algorithms, I can’t help but think how the publishing world has changed since 2012 when I first started out on this road. There are so many more tools for us authors today than just a few years ago.

For those wondering what it takes to be successful – well – I’m not sure but I think I have the formula figured out below.

Formula for successful publishing: Study everything-everywhere, apply what you can, do the work of 8 people, worry you are not doing enough work and need to hire more of you, rewrite your copy, re-edit and second guess every sentence, and then toss it all in a jar, shake vigorously. Set the jar out in the sun hoping a rainbow hits it and grows into a magical unicorn.

Cracked Daisy

Word of the Week Challenge 6/10/14


A Brunette’s Reflection Word of the week challenge– drum roll please…. Verisimilitude. Can you wiggle this word into your work week? Hope you have fun with it! The last word was exculpate. This week I was listening to something on the web and heard the word verisimilitude. I thought for sure I knew the meaning so I did a quick search and I was wrong! Gasp— okay, maybe I wasn’t that surprised I was wrong– Whatevs… The definition of


Example: Being close to the truth.
Example: The fictional book I read had a thread of verisimilitude running through the story.

Can you use this word this week??