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Writing Prompt


orange moon

Brock looked at his watch, “Where are they?” He asked the darkness as if he would hear an answer back. Why had he agreed to meet this late in the middle of nowhere?

The moon was full in the night sky and he hated to be near the town’s cemetery. Mostly because of the dead silence that seemed to fill his head with the noisiness of fear. The other reason he hated it out here, the fact his close friend had been buried there so many years before and he had never been to visit. Guilt settled on him immediately, he looked down the road and saw no headlights in view and again glanced at his watch. He found his feet moving him towards the headstone of his buddy not fully sure what was pulling him there.



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Looking for Inspiration to finish that book? Look To Hugh Howey…


I have been looking for creative ways to find motivation to finish a few projects I have been writing. These are large projects that I have put a lot of time into. My problem seems to be that every time I start in on a project some problem arises. Well, NO MORE I SAY! I will finish what I started. I was looking through YouTube videos yesterday for successful self-publishers and came across an interview done by Tom Corson-Knowles. He was interviewing Hugh Howey. For you writers that don’t know who he is I have to ask if that rock is heavy you live under? He is a successful Best Selling Self-Published Author of the Wool series. Whether you liked the book or not you have to give him credit for this feat. In today’s eBook world his 58 page book about a post-apocalyptic silo community hit Amazon like an atomic bomb. You can find the Kindle version Free on Amazon . If this interview doesn’t inspire you to get your finger’s clicking on the keyboard I am not sure what will! It is a long interview so sit back, grab some coffee, and take notes.

Writer’s Block or Stubbornness??


I have been working on 5 different writing projects and have been at a standstill for about 4 or 5 days. I found myself wasting time on some writing blogs today when I came across something so simple and back to basics that I thought ‘this may just be the key’. I never (or hardly ever) write an outline of a chapter before I write it. I will write down ideas, how I want the plot to flow, or even a sentence I like but never a complete pre-chapter outline. There are a list of creative reasons I don’t like doing this, mostly dating back to Mr. Gober’s writing class (blahhh). I took a deep breath and picked up a pen and pad and wrote an outline of one of the projects and it flowed out of me in minutes. I guess there is really no such thing as writer’s block– just stubbornness 🙂