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The Cracked Daisy Series!


What does one girl, one undercover prince, and a football-team have in common?

A Queen determined to keep us separated.

When the teacherโ€™s pet, A.K.A. school jock offers to help me in algebra, things get tense.

Just when I think my summer is gearing towards the worst possible path, Mica swoops in with his quick motorcycle, superior athletic ability, his family’s massive horse ranch, and superb math skills saving the day.

No one could be this perfect and I’m positive he’s keeping a secret.

Heโ€™s got a hot motorcycle and math skills to boot, but the numbers donโ€™t add up.

Will I uncover something sinister or enchanting?

Or will it end in regretful revenge that seems to come easily for a Cracked Daisy like myself?

Find out what finally Cracked Daisy in this swoon worthy sweet romance and add it to your library today.ย 


Cracked Daisy is off to a phenomenal start!!

#1 New Release!

Don’t be the last one to find out about Cracked Daisy and her life!

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