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The Body Hunters


The Body Hunters – 9.96 Series (Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic Action – Book 1)

Dystopian anyone?? Here is a fun book you should get for free today! Follow the link below!  I already got my free copy!

My name is Juno, and I have a death sentence I can’t escape… a beautiful face

the body hunters

It was always you


Click the picture and see for yourself ❤❤❤

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Amazon Author Followers


I recently heard that having a bunch of followers on Amazon for your author page get you more exposure so I’m going to try something new.

Let’s get a FOLLOW TRAIN going for Sweet Romance/Clean & Wholesome Authors. I want to stay in this is John ra for my author page because I don’t want to mess up Amazon’s shifty algorithms.

1. If you like the genre mentioned above click here and Follow My Author Page.

2. If you are an author who meets the above criteria above and want me to follow you back – drop a comment in the comment box below with your link to your Amazon author page.

Please and Thank you!

Cracked Daisy Series


😗If you are in Kindle Unlimited you can be the first to read when released for free 😗 😍 Cracked Daisy Series😘😍 Click the link 👆👆🤳

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Are you a planner or person with spontaneity? My husband and I were talking about quick vacation in a few months. I suggested we could catch a flight to California and drive down Highway 1 and just stop along the way- No plans.

My husband being type A, gasped at this suggestion. He argued we would have to plan way-way in advance. A trip like that isn’t something we could just take off and do… To my husband’s credit he does plan us some amazing trips but he starts a year in advance. I thought we could wing this trip 😎. No deal, I’m sure he would break out in hives if I forced him on this trip.

A few days later I received this beautiful picture from a family member who decided to hop on a plane and fly to Madrid, Spain by herself, and then catch a train to Barcelona! #girlpower