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Social Media Break-Away


Social Media

Last fall I made the decision to turn off all the notifications that popped up on my phone from every social media site I belong to, including email!  Why?  I needed a break from all the pop ups.  What have I learned in this time?  I could live with out it.  Yes, I did not fall into utter darkness, I did not lose contact with friends and family, I didn’t even miss a coupon from JC Penny’s.  I still set times to check my social media pages, I still set up times to check my personal email, I still survived.

Unplugging from these things in this small way alleviated a lot of wasted time checking my notifications every time something popped/pooped up on my OH SO SMART ~SMART PHONE.

I challenge you to try it as well!  Now that my self- imposed sabbatical has been a success I will be continuing this lifestyle change.  However, I am back now and I am ready to hit the floor running with posts– be prepared!


I hope you have a peaceful day