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Help with my Book Blurb :)


I have been playing around with book blurbs now that my book is ready to be sold!!  It is up on Amazon for Pre-Sale with a date to GO LIVE Nov 21!! 

I have changed the book cover multiple times because of the way it looked from the printing company once printed but I have found one I am in absolute love with and looks great in paperback!

What would you do differently with the book blurb example below?  Don’t hold back 🙂  If you have questions about the publishing process feel free to ask or email me.  If you are a book reviewer and want to talk I am happy to have that discussion as well!

“Agent Colin Banks was doing what he did every day, that is, at least for the last three years.  He was chasing leads and arresting criminals of the State.  The young girl he picked up at the airport he assumed was collateral damage for a money-laundering scheme, he couldn’t have been further from the truth.  His years of service and following the law were about to be flayed open like a fish at a Chinese fish market.  Everything he thought he knew about the government he worked for was a lie and the trail of deceit stretched further than his military trained mind had been prepared to believe.  His young female suspect with her silence would soon make him leave behind his career to save her.  Will she be worth saving in the end?”


This Sentence Has Five Words



Hemingway got away with short sentences and sometimes they are the best option.  When are they not the best option?  I find if you have opened a scene up and you were descriptive to begin with you can get away with shorter sentences that follow.  Some descriptions though, drag on and on!  Don’t be a dragger!  Say what you need to say and move on.  Kind of like shopping in Walmart- make a list then get in and out!  Otherwise, when you are at the checkout and she gives you a total of seventy-plus dollars you think to yourself, ‘What did I buy!’   This is the same with sentence structure– Drop your description or the point you are trying to make and don’t dilly~dally!

The Secret to Writing



This is more of a celebratory post on my ABC approach to writing. Apply But to Chair and write. I wrote a total of 6,000 words Saturday and Sunday. YaY!! Of course, I took this secret from C.J. Lyons who said it in a Joanna Penn’s podcast.
Great advice and definitely NOT A SECRET, just do it!

Have you applied ABC to your writing routine 🙂

1st, 2nd, or 3rd person? How are you writing your story?


Writing 101 on YouTube

I think every author struggles with this at some point in their projects. This is s great short video by Cy Porter explaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd person.

The RANCH; first 3 sentences of my soon to be released book…are they Hook Worthy??


I didn’t expect to get sucked into such a vivid memory of Treeny, however there I was in my mind, on that sandy beach, holding the only person that I loved like a grandmother, leaning over her lifeless body. Blood soaked her clothes and now covered me like warm paint, and the gun that did it lie nearby. I guess staring at the black holstered guns on the FBI agent’s hips, nestled into their persona like a limb is what pulled me backwards into long ago.

Whatcha think? Is it Hook worthy?