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A River Cuts Through It



I know for me I go through phases of writing thousands of words a day to pushing through just one paragraph.  I remind myself that as long as I stay consistent writing words~ no matter how few or how many is a success.  Everyday push yourself to write SOMETHING!  Get those fingers a’clicking!

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This Sentence Has Five Words



Hemingway got away with short sentences and sometimes they are the best option.  When are they not the best option?  I find if you have opened a scene up and you were descriptive to begin with you can get away with shorter sentences that follow.  Some descriptions though, drag on and on!  Don’t be a dragger!  Say what you need to say and move on.  Kind of like shopping in Walmart- make a list then get in and out!  Otherwise, when you are at the checkout and she gives you a total of seventy-plus dollars you think to yourself, ‘What did I buy!’   This is the same with sentence structure– Drop your description or the point you are trying to make and don’t dilly~dally!